Ask. Understand. Act.


KIT is a business intelligence platform that transforms your consumer and survey data into interactive stakeholder reports. 

Understand your customers' preferences, values, and expectations. Quicker.



Your stakeholders have questions, your data holds the answers, but does your team have the hours?


Market research questions aren’t linear. Each question leads to the next in the journey from insight to action. Your stakeholders have decisions to make, you have critical insights to offer. It's time to scale your research offering.  

Create interactive stakeholders reports faster than ever before using a simple interface.

Never sacrifice model complexity or ability to customize.

Create time to explore.


Here's how it works:


Data Transformation

Here KIT begins the analysis process, the first step being restructuring your data to help make summarizations and queries manageable.

We give you the freedom to structure your data to suit your needs.


Summarization and Modeling

Summarization includes things like cross tabulating the data, significance testing, and other summary statistics.

KIT can also compare summary percentages across subgroups or periods of time. 



The final step is to present conclusions, insights, and findings in an interactive and consumable format.

In some cases, a table is a perfect device for presentation, in others a branded chart or graph suits your needs.


Get back to what you do best.

We work with market researchers, brand insights teams, and marketing departments across all industries.

Our platform supports your team through the report creation process so you can focus on supporting your stakeholders and delivering insights that lead to better decisions. 

Need extra support? Our team of experts are always here to take your call. 


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Turn data into insights quicker than ever before, ask questions, update charts and tables in real-time. 


Get exactly what you need. Customise with ease or use our automated features.


With interactive reports that are this easy to create, you’re free to ask more questions and dive deeper.




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